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Program Evaluation

Are you looking to determine where the opportunities are within your existing curriculum?  Our team will observe your training program, collect and analyze data to provide recommendations that will take your training program to the next level. 


This in-depth report will provide feedback on the:

·         Strengths of the program in its current state

·         Opportunities of the program in its current state

·         Appropriateness of learning objectives for the audience

·         Engagement levels of the audience throughout each section of the program

·         Meaningfulness of content included in the program to the audience

·         Delivery methods used to present content

·         Activity design to provide learners an opportunity to practice with the material

·         Clarity and completeness of instructional materials used to support the training program

·         Evaluation methods to determine learner proficiency

The comprehensive report will include recommendations for your consideration to improve the effectiveness of the course and the learning experience for your audience.  The recommendations are always customized to your training program and your learners; however, recommendations are often related to:

·         Restructure of content flow

·         Integration of new content or deletion of non value-added content

·         Integration of new strategies to deliver content to more effectively engage the audience

·         Redesign of activities to reinforce course learning objectives

·         Integration of new instructional materials to support instructors or learners

·         Revisions to existing instructional materials to improve content flow and completeness


You can then take the information from the report and implement the improvements in-house, or utilize our team’s extensive practical experience in adult learning to implement the improvements.

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